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NEW! Gay Zombie Killers (Book 1: Demon Semen)

available for $1.99 via Smashwords 

An explicit supernatural gay erotic story centered around a gay couple chosen to behead and kill gay zombies:

Damian and Suhul love killing zombies almost as much as they love having sex with each other. Unfortunately, the zombies they're killing are former gay men infected by demon semen through anal sex. In their quest to stop Blaise, demon leader, from infecting more men and creating a larger army of zombies, they allow the capture of one of the Divinity. The Divinity are the "good" supernatural beings also trying to stop Blaise and the rise of the gay zombies. When Blaise fucks the captured Divinity, a new breed of monster is formed and the fate of the world lays in the hands of the zombie-killing duo.

NEW! Erotic Pop

available via Create Space and Amazon

It's here! A collection of erotic poems inspired by pop music. The poem, Shagging Boys in the Street, was initially a one-timer but it helped generate a flow of creative juices and a "track list" of thirty-one hits:

I'm 5am
Glory Hole
Walking on Used Condoms
Nothing Compares to Sodomy
Pee On Me
From A Distance
No Apologies
I Want To Wear Stockings
That Look
You Oughta Know
These Lips
Big Fat Dicks
Let It Cum!
I’m A Virgin, No More
Lonely Nights on Twitter
8 Good Reasons
Daddy Don’t Preach
Secret Lover
Since You’ve Been Gone
Shagging Boys In The Street
Ebony and Ivory
Love Is Patient

The project is available as an 8" x 10" soft-cover book with a full-colour glossy finish. The pictures included are full-page or partial-page, in colour, and are all original digital drawings or paintings by me! It makes for a great gift and/or coffee table book! Made to order and available for purchase at CreateSpace and Amazon - gotta use those gift cards somehow! :-)

A TASTE OF ARGENTINA the eBook! If you enjoyed the #TGIFF stories, you'll enjoy them again, updated with more sex! Available on AmazonSmashwords, Google Books for $1.99

Join Steve on his sexcapades through Buenos Aires, Argentina; a country known for its delicious wine, beef, and men! He enjoys a mouthful (and ass full!) of magical flavours as he devours various men on the plane, in the park, in hotel rooms, in alleyways, in bathrooms, in bedrooms…maybe he should consider a longer stay! 

Warning: this story is filled with large erections, ejaculations, drug-induced sex, cream pies, and a dash of romance.

POP MY CORK, DAMMIT! Only $1.99 via Smashwords, Amazon, iBooks, Kobo, Barnes and Noble, Google Books

Tony is a thirty-year-old gay virgin who wishes for a man to finally penetrate his virgin hole. Instead, he finds Steph, a straight man. The two bond quickly as friends, things heat up, but boundaries are placed since Steph proclaims he isn't gay. Can Tony separate his feelings for a straight guy and find someone to pop his cork? His anus is quivering and it requires full attention, stat!


NEW! INFECTED THOUGHTS available on Paperback via Amazon or CreateSpace

"Be careful with this one. It will pull you in fast. Recommended."
eBook Available via SmashwordsAmazonGoogle BooksKoboBarnes and Noble, and iBooks

INFECTED THOUGHTS is a short story written by 5amWriterMan about a gay man who struggles with reality as he battles mental illness with drugs, alcohol and sex.

Synopsis: Guy takes us on a cerebral journey in this gay erotic thriller filled with twists. He is looking for an escape from his life. He is unhappy in his relationship with Russ and his moods incapacitate him from working and participating in society. Russ attempts to help but Guy’s paranoia makes him think otherwise. With the help of a new, young, sexy friend, Guy runs away and delves into a journey of drugs, alcohol and unprotected sex to find his paradise. But who is Guy really running away from?


Five Star Review for INFECTED THOUGHTS!

Judith Stoker rated it 5 of 5 stars
on Dec 12 (Goodreads)
Wow, this is really good !
A lot different to the usual m/m books I normally read but it made a refreshing change
It's not a 'romance ', felt more like a psychological thriller to me. I had no idea how it was going to turn out but it definitely had me gripped, couldn't put it down
Sex scenes are hot and oh my, I really felt for Guy and that ending !!!
Well done to the Author for creating something different
Oleander Plume rated it 5 of 5 stars on Goodreads  (Nov 25, 2014) 
Brilliant work by 5amWriterMan. Gritty, thought provoking, sometimes heartbreaking. 
When I really love a book, I literally immerse myself in the pages. This book had that effect on me. The plot is engaging, with twists and turns that I didn't see coming. 
Did I mention the sex scenes are hot? Because they are. Hot.
Any fan of gay erotica should give this one a try. Hell, anyone who is a fan of fresh, unique writing should give this one a try. 
Pam rated it 5 of 5 starson G
on Goodreads (Dec 12) This was an amazing short story of a man who suffered from mental illness, drugs, sex, and the inability to discern what was reality and what was not. Guy was a gay man who grew unhappy with his life, feeling that maybe death was the right thing. The story has such dramatic twists and turns as he maneuvers through these seemingly alternate dimensions, not knowing who was after him or if he was just running from someone or something including his partner, Russ...Feeling like a rollercoaster ride, you find yourself following him at every turn, not knowing what was going to happen next. In his mind during his journey he meets Justin who he feels he is falling in love with. Very gripping, very emotional story, which left me sad and crying. The author did an amazing job with the story line and characters. Look forward to reading more from this author. Infected Thoughts is so appropriately titled. Must Read
Sad Journey of a Mentally Ill Man

5 STAR Review by: RebeccBe on Sep. 24, 2014 (
5amWriterMan has written an intriguing gay erotica story involving mental illness, drugs, sex – and the reader follows along as Guy seemingly weaves in and out of reality in this imaginative, wild and unpredictable tale. It's full of suspense, and the author does an exceptional job of pulling the reader in and keeping them spellbound throughout. Infected Thoughts is an exciting read for adults that enjoy a well-written, fast-paced, entertaining story with unexpected twists. I enjoyed it and would be interested in reading more from this author. Highly recommended!

Review by: on May 07, 2014 on Smashwords
I just finished reading "Infected Thoughts" and thought it was great. The book begins with Gus, a gay man in his early 40's. He's also an alcoholic, a pill addict, and suffers from anxiety and depression disorders. He has a partner in Russ, who loves taking care of him, but isn't in love with him. One day Gus is on his way to work and, without warning, he blacks out. He is soon plunged in a nightmarish Hell of hallucinations, a deadly game of cat and mouse, and not knowing whom he can trust. Not just his own partner Russ, but also Justin, his sexy 20 year-old paramour . The book provides twists and turns for the reader. You're unsure if it's a hallucination or really happening, and the way they are presented never panders to the lowest common denominator. There's always an intelligence to the story. "Infected Thoughts" is part drama, part action, part suspense, part erotic thriller. Everything is written in explicit detail, whether it's one of Gus' panic attacks or his sexy rendezvous with Justin. The reader is right there with Gus' experiences. I can't rave enough about "infected Thoughts" and our author is fast becoming one of the most important voices in our community!

"I just finished reading Infected Thoughts. I absolutely loved it!! A lot of twists and turns and you give each character so much depth. In some ways, I can relate to Gus. I have problems with anxiety too."

"Just finished Infected Thoughts. Totally enjoyed. A believable portrait of a tortured man. Plus, oddly sexy!"

"I am on Chapter 7 of "Infected Thoughts" the dynamic flow. Hoping Justin & Guy get more carnal "

ROMANCING LIAM (The Entire Trilogy)

The idea behind “Romancing Liam” started with a curiosity to write a holiday romance treat: something light, fun, and sexy. When I wrote Friends and Lovers at Christmas, I didn’t expect it to morph into a series of three stories. However, with the twists that occur in Friends and Lovers at Christmas, it was clear that Liam would experience a journey of optimism and uncertainties with love followed by a sudden drop into the darkness of alcohol, drugs, and anonymous sex. This journey flourished two more stories: Insatiable Machines and Resolutions. I combined all three stories into one book for those readers who prefer to read all three stories in one book. As the reader, you might be asking yourself: Will Liam fight to find the light that will lead him to his one true love? What does fate hold for the lovers in Liam's life: Frankie and Jeff? Will it be a happy ending or a disaster? Regardless of the outcome, you will be treated to a multitude of hot and steamy graphic gay sex scenes, including but not limited to oral, anal, orgies, gang bangs, fetishes, unsafe sex and rape. Available via SmashwordsAmazon


RESOLUTIONS (Romancing Liam, Book 3 - the finale)

"Resolutions" is the third and final book of the "Romancing Liam" series. We've journeyed through Liam's optimism and uncertainties with love followed by a sudden drop into the darkness of alcohol, drugs, and anonymous sex. Will Liam fight to find the light that will lead him to his one true love? And what does fate hold for the lovers in Liam's life: Frankie and Jeff? Will it be a happy ending or a disaster? Available via Smashwords, Google Books, Amazon

Judith rated it 5 of 5 stars
Great conclusion to story...
This is definitely the darkest book in series and one character in particular has an awful experience ....
Have to say throughout the first two books I know who I wanted Liam to end up with and in the end it wasn't who I wanted but think , in hindsight, he ended up with the best person for him
Sex is downright dirty ( not that I'm complaining ! )
These characters have been on different 'journeys ' and the outcome ,in the end, for them was just right.

INSATIABLE MACHINES (Romancing Liam, Book 2) 

 "We all have a little whore hiding somewhere inside us," replied Liam. But will Liam's whoring distract him from finding true love?

It started with Liam and Frankie, as friends. Then it was Liam and Jeff, as suitors. But timing sucked and Jeff missed his chance while Frankie put the moves on Liam. But did Jeff really miss his chance? And what happens when Sal, Abe, Guy and George join this orgy of men? Will Liam finally find love or will he spiral into a hangover of regrets at the bathhouse and the dark room of his neighbourhood bar?

Only one way to find out! ;-) Available via Smashwords , Amazon, Googlebooks, and soon other retailers.

Judith rated it 5 of 5 stars
Holy Shit !!!!!
God, this will certainly 'get you going'
It's like watching a Gay porn video, not that I would know of course...*winks*
Total sex feast...
I've got no idea who Liam will eventually end up with but I can't wait to find out..I know who I want it to be !!
Pam rated it 5 of 5 stars
This is a second book of the series Romancing Liam. It's Hot and yes it is a clusterf@ck!! Liam had gotten together on Christmas with Jeff who was a man he had met in Book 1. But they were both drunk and yes it ended in Hot Sex. He goes back to Frankie, who he had gotten with in Book 1, not really remembering what he and Jeff did. Nothing was said about Liam and Jeff until Liam had invited Jeff to have lunch with he and Frankie since he was alone New Years, but he knew Frankie would be there so he went to a bar instead. Seeing Jeff there, they talk and Frankie finds out about Christmas. The whole story is about relationship madness, hookups so sizzling you don't want to miss it. One gets with someone else or more and some would say there was a lot of cum everywhere. Frankie and Liam come back together and go to an underwear party at the club and Liam gets with Sal, who Frankie had just been with, and Liam is enticed by Sal to share some drugs and Hot Sex with multiple men. Like I said this story was a real clusterf@ck. And ultimately the two realize who they really want. This is a very sexy, Hot, sizzling story that will make you reeling and shaking your head. I loved it. If you MM Sex you will love this one. 5amWriterMan is a very unique writer who has many talents that definitely add to the story as well as his life. I think he will surprise you in his many works. 


Liam and Frankie are friends, roommates, and work together at the mall as Santa and his elf, taking pictures of children with Santa while ogling the DILFs (Daddies I'd Like to F***). Enter Jeff. He is a recently out-of-the-closet gay single dad, with a four-year-old son, and a bitter ex-wife...and he's the hottest DILF the guys have seen so far. There is an immediate attraction between Jeff and Liam. Will Jeff be the boyfriend that Santa brings to Liam for Christmas? What does Frankie think of his best friend's attraction to Jeff? 

This story contains some fun and 'interesting" sex scenes. It is also the first book in the "Romancing Liam" series. Book 2 will be released in 2015.

Available via SmashwordsAmazon, Googlebooks, iBooks, etc.

Judith rated it 5 of 5 stars
Shelves: best-m-m
Hell yes...

Hot love triangle thing going on with Liam in the middle....sorry my dirty mind has just conjured up an image of HOT m/m/m action going on !!
Three central characters are Liam and Frankie who are best friends and roommates and a recently 'out ' and previously straight father of one, Jeff.
Liam and Jeff meet, instant attraction but fate transpires against them and every attempt to get together never happens...lots of flirty text messages though...

" Wow, that's a mouthful.I hope that's not all that's a mouthful"....Good grief !!!

Tragedy strikes and Frankie looks to Liam for support and ends up declaring his love for Liam.
Just right amount of HOT SEX and the dialogue between the characters was great and so funny at times ( loved the whole mattress thing, so funny ! )
2nd book I've read by this Author and am loving his writing
Looking forward to see what happens and I'm still hopefull for that HOT threeway !!!????
Pam rated it 5 of 5 stars
This is a story of attraction vs love. It's Christmas and Liam, playing Santa's elf at the mall with Frankie, Liam's best friend, who was playing Santa. The two were best friends and roommates for 6 of those. Liam meets Jeff, father of one of the children who asked Santa for a boyfriend for his dad. Attraction was definitely present. Complications arise after Frankie's mother passes away on Christmas . Frankie comfesses his love for Liam. Jeff vs Frankie!! What was Liam to do?? The story contains Hot Sex, friendship and Liam has a decision to make! A. Cliffhanger until Part 2 comes out. If you love MM Romance and Sex with a bit of drama and emotion, you will enjoy this. 5amWriterMan hasn't disappointed me yet. Merry Christmas .

"TOUCH ME! FUCK ME!" is a collection of gay erotic short stories, poetry and art. 

Hi, my name is Sam. Most of my friends call me Sammy. You may know me as the once closeted gay man from 5amWriterMan’s “Vacancy / No Vacancy” series of stories.

Growing up gay was never an easy task. I played the nice, dutiful, Italian son at home, who obfuscated his mother into believing that I would be married, with kids, by the time I was 25. At school and work, I played the ambiguous, single, straight man that never had time to date women of matchups set up by thoughtful yet clueless friends and colleagues. Instead, I was fully immersed into the closeted gay scene – having sex with gay men, bisexual men, closeted married men, and any other cock or ass that came my way.

Most gay men found solace in therapy. I found it by sharing my stories – 5amWriterMan being the listener of such stories. You might say he was my unofficial therapist with a clipboard strategically placed over his crotch, hiding a presumed erection that was met with frantic masturbation and multiple orgasms once I left. Part of me thinks about that hard cock pressing against the tight fabric of his pants, yearning the touch of my expert lips and a release into my tight man pussy. Mmmm…the thought of it makes me quiver…

As I bid farewell to you, and take care of my swollen, pulsating cock, I hope you enjoy the various stories that 5amWriterMan has complied as a collection of my thoughts and sexcapades before settling down and marrying the love of my life, my best friend, Peter. You can read about us in “Vacancy / No Vacancy.”

In the meantime, may you also be blessed with multiple orgasms! Touch yourself! Get fucked! Enjoy sex!

Available via SmashwordsAmazon, Googlebooks, iBooks, etc.

Pam rated it 5 of 5 stars
This is one of the best collections of MM Erotica Stories I have read. This author has a way with words that absolutely mesmerizes you. Loved how he puts Sammy in them. I can't seem to get enough

Wow. Excellent. Great writing. Touched a range of emotions. And HOT! :-)

"My Man Pussy is On Fire!" is a FREE collection of gay erotic short stories, poetry and art. They've been selected from my #TGIFF weekly blog stories and posts from my POETIC ART blog. I assembled this collection as a thank you to the abundant and positive support from my readers! Enjoy, and please feel free to leave a review :-)

This book is available as a free download on Goodreads. Email me if you have any issues with the download!

From Goodreads: "I mean c'mon...that title is great! "

Brandon Shire rated it 5 of 5 stars
on Nov 18: This is about hookups and HOT sex. (Sometimes unsafe.) If you're looking for the romantic element, it's not for you. Did I mention the hot sex?

VACANCY / NO VACANCY: Sammy's Story is 5amWriterMan's third short story available as an eBook via SmashwordsAmazon, GooglebooksKoboiBooks

SynopsisIn Book 1 of the series, Sammy reignites his friendship with Peter after 10 years since their first and last sexual experience. But what was Sammy up to during those 10 years apart from Peter? Book 2 follows Sammy's relationship with Xander, his first boyfriend of three years. Like most relationships, it starts hot, filled with insatiable sex. As year three approaches, their relationship is stale. An excursion to the Canadian Maritimes promises a rekindling of their relationship. Enter Brad and Xavier and Sammy's relationship with Xander confronts further obstacles. Filled with more explicit gay sex than book 1, this fun romance brings unexpected twists to the "prequel" of Sammy's relationship with Peter from Book 1.

Pam rated it 4 of 5 stars
on Dec 12 (Goodreads) The author did a great job with this story line considering the clusterf*ck of characters and their sextapades...With all the events that happened, and the flashbacks that Sammy had of Peter, the story line was very fast moving and unexpected. The story was very enjoyable with the extra input of Hot Sex...
Life can get interesting with Hot Guys

VACANCY / NO VACANCY: Peter's Story is 5amWriterMan's second short story available as an eBook via SmashwordsAmazon, GooglebooksBarnes & Noble, and iBooks

Synopsis: Peter and Sammy were best friends in university but after one drunken night, they consummate their relationship, and Sammy ends the friendship. 10 years later, Peter hops from one trick's bed to another, until he receives a text from his old friend, Sammy. Should Peter try to reignite their friendship? Is Peter ready to let go of his single, sex-filled life, for the possibility of love and romance?

This is a fun-filled, boy meets boy meets boy again, sprinkled with gay erotic scenes to quench the sexual thirst of its readers...and it's complete with twists!

"By the way, Vacancy/No Vacancy gave me a raging hard and sticky poolside boner. You wonderfully horny fucker - loved it"

From Goodreads: "I really enjoyed this story. Keep it up. Maybe something a bit longer next time?"

Pam rated it 5 of 5 stars
on Dec 12 (Goodreads) This is the Prequel to Sammy's story, but the main events of the story happen after Sammy contacts him after his messed up relationship with Xander and hookup with Brad. Peter was an openly gay man who did not want a relationship. He missed his best friend, Sammy, but he only had one night hookups since that time. When Sammy finally got with him, the Sex was Hot, but it was more intimate than Peter wanted. Sammy wanted much forever and that put Peter in a real spin. Between his cigarettes and the Scotch, he didn't want anything more than that. He wanted Sammy as his best friend again, but with benefits and hanging out. Sammy met one of Peter's hookups and everything changed. The story is romantic, dramatic, but the unexpected happened to Peter when homophobes got a hold of him. Author does a good job with all the change of events and the darkness that Peter went through in his coma. Good Read. 

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